PawprintPawprintText Box:                                                                     You Dirty Dog
Text Box: Professional All Breed Grooming for Dogs and Cats
Text Box: We are family owned and operated.
Text Box: Ed and his two sonsText Box: Ed and his sons:  Dylan and Austin
Text Box: Ed began grooming in 1984.  He quickly decided that he wanted to have grooming
as his life career. Ed was born in St. Louis, and moved to Chicago with his mother as a teenager.  Ed groomed in Chicago until 1994 when he and his family moved to Cincinnati.  Ed groomed for some of the top shops in the Cincinnati area for about 10 years.  Perfecting his skills, Ed has groomed all breeds, with excellent experience in all phases of dog grooming.  Ed has a exceptional ability to groom the temperamental dog or cat.  Ed is the proud owner of a rescue dog named Gotti and cat named Martin. Ed is married to his wife Cheryl  and they have with two teen-age sons named Dylan and Austin.  They also have two daughters named Fontana and Monique. Ed and Cheryl have made Chicago their permanent home.  He has now been able to fulfill his lifelong dream of owning his own shop.  Feel free to stop by and just say hi to Ed, he looks forward to meeting you.
Text Box:  Diane
Text Box: Diane head shot
on Mission Trip
IndiaText Box: Diane began grooming in St. Louis in 1966.  From that day on, with just a little time off to do other things, she has been grooming dogs.  She founded Diane’s Grooming Salon in St. Louis and it is still in business.  She concurrently ran Delta Dawn Kennel.  After some years training horses at the race track and a stint riding professional rodeo, a professional fencer and trainer of Olympians, Diane found her way back to grooming. 

She purchased the Original Barking Lot in Lincoln Park, expanded it and opened two other Barking Lot’s in Rogers Park.  Entering a different career she left grooming for a few years, but eventually found her way back to grooming.  She has shown Poodles, Afghans and German Shepherd Dogs.  She has groomed horses, dogs, cats, rabbits well actually anything with hair!

She works with Ed grooming and developing the business.  You Dirty Dog  has several locations projected in their business plan.

Diane’s greatest claim to fame is that she is the proud mother of two great sons:
Ed and Joe.  She is also the grandmother of five great grand kids.  Diane is also and Evangelical Minister.  Stop by to talk about your pet, arrange a grooming or just visit with Diane.  She always has time to say Hello.
Text Box:   Gotti
Text Box: Text Box: Gotti on New Years EveGotti Head ShotText Box: Ed rescued Gotti in the summer of 2005.  Since that time he has become a part of the family.  Gotti is a playful obedient one year old!  He loves to be with his “people”, sitting on their laps and chasing balls.  Gotti does not know he weight 65 pounds.  He thinks he fits nicely on a warm lap!  Gotti is also the shop mascot.  He has become one of most loving and willing to be obedient dogs that we have ever had.  He draws attention everywhere he goes with his laughing face and playful manner.  Even our cat, Martin loves him.  They play together non stop. Please stop by and see Gotti, he is at the shop several days a week.
Text Box: Martin & Fontana
Text Box:   Cheryl & Martin
Text Box: Text Box: Fontana & MartinCheryl & MartinText Box: Martin is a “country cat”.  He was born in a rural part of Ohio and came to live in
Chicago when he was just six weeks old.  Martin soon adapted to city life by becoming the ruler of the Liscinski household.  Martin is name after Mark Martin 
of NASCAR fame.  Martin was not to sure that he was pleased to have an invader into his house when Gotti came, but soon accepted him and they are inseparable.  Martin visits the shop to get his regular “lion cut.”  He will say Hi, but in his own cat way.
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