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PawprintPawprintText Box: When should my puppy have its first professional grooming?

Grooming on your puppy should be started at 8 weeks of age, so that the puppy can become acquainted with the sounds of the studio environment, noises such as dryers, other dogs barking and being handled by a stranger.

Your groomer will teach your puppy the proper way to enjoy his grooming.  These techniques started early will imprint on your puppy.  The first 6 months of life for a dog is like the first 5 years for a human.  It is very important to start them early.  Your puppy needs to be groomed every six weeks to keep it happy and healthy. Grooming should be a pleasant experience for everyone!
Text Box: I want my dog short but not shaved!

Shaving and clipping are the same.  Blades come in all different lengths from short to long.  The longest blade made leaves  almost one inch long.  The better maintained the coat is, with no matting or tangles, the longer clip the groomer can do.  Longer clipped styles require more frequent grooming (every 4-5 weeks) to maintain.  Any trim longer than one inch is hand scissored and is not practical for the dog unless the owner wants to devote time to regular at home brushing. Long scissor trims require much more time for the groomer, and there is an extra charge for this service.
Text Box: Is it too cold to have my dog groomed?

Many pet owners neglect to have their pets groomed in the winter.  Many think that it is to cold, but our pets still need professional grooming.  Of course their cuts can be left longer.  Even if you choose to not have them trimmed, they always need a complete brush out and bathing that only a professional can provide.  Nail trimming and ear cleaning is a must all year round as well.  When clients let their pets go through the winter without professional grooming, their dogs end up getting matted, and then they have to be cut down very short!  If you would like to keep your pets style, don’t skip those winter visits to the professionals.  Keep your pet in great style and felling great all through the year! 
Golden RetreiverText Box: Big dogs and small dogs need regular grooming. Don’t forget to stop by for that “in-between grooming” nail trim.  It’s only $10.00.  Kitty’s need regular 
Nail trimming too!
YorkieText Box: Why does my dog itch himself after grooming?

Some dogs itch just like people do after they have shaved their legs or “other areas.”  Another reason that a dog may itch is that it was severely matted and the coat had to be cut very short to get underneath the matting.  Owners are responsible for the regular in home brushing and frequent grooming, so that the groomer does not have to “strip” them down.  Sometimes puppies itch because it is their first grooming.  The more often they are clipped, the less likely they are to itch.  Some dogs will itch their ears after grooming.  When the ear is cleaned, and in some breeds the hair is pulled out:  it leaves a tingling sensation.  This will cause some dogs to scratch at their ears.  Since their toenails are dirty from being on the floor, this can provoke an infection.  Please don’t allow your dog to scratch at his skin or ears after a grooming.  If the scratching gets out of hand, please give us a call for advice.  Often over the counter preparations for diaper rash will clear the problem.  If untreated, you might t need a visit to your Veterinarian.  Stay on top of the issue before it becomes a problem. 
Text Box: Why is the price quoted always $ and up?

Most owners are not aware of what blades will get through certain types of coats, what condition the dog is in, and what type of temperament the dog has for grooming.  All these factors play a part in pricing, along with what type of style can be done on the dog versus what the owner wants.  Some owners will think that their dog only has a few mats, but when he gets to the groomer, he is in very bad shape. In order to do long haircuts, the hair must be totally brushed out. It is often painful for the dog to be brushed out when he is matted, and we must take extra time and care to prevent injury.  In this situation, there will be an extra charge, determined by the time involved. If the situation is too bad for the dog, we will suggest taking the coat down very short so that we can cut under the matting.  Many people don’t like this look, but for the comfort of the dog, it is often the only way.  Without seeing the dog and its present condition we can only estimate the cost.  
Text Box: Will my pet be sedated for his grooming?
We never sedate! At YOU DIRTY DOG, we are firm believers in the magic of patience and a kind word. It's not that we don't approve of sedation, and there are some pets that are simply too stressed to be safely groomed. However, we do feel that sedation should only be given by a Veterinarian. If your pet must be sedated, make arrangements with your Veterinarian to have them sedated before arriving for your grooming.  Please bring Veterinarian phone number so we can contact them in case of emergency. 
Text Box: Why does my pet shake so badly when we enter the salon? Does that mean he's mistreated there?
We are pet lovers and professionals with an excellent reputation and never mistreat our customers. Their happiness means your happiness and we know that. However, many pets become extremely anxious in the waiting room during check-in. It is the most nerve racking time of their grooming because they have learned to associate that area with being taken from you, their loved one. In addition, if there is a procedure that they dislike such as nail trims or blow dryers, they often also associate our faces with that particular act and begin to get nervous. Fortunately, once we clear the door to the work area, they usually stop shaking and calmly await their turn! 
Text Box: The groomer said my pet had matted fur and had to be shaved down. Why can't they just brush him out?
Matted fur means that your pet doesn't just have tangles but that his fur has woven itself into a pelt all the way to the skin. To detangle it would leave your pet's skin raw, his nerves a wreck and your bank account drained. The only humane thing to do is to shave it all off and start over. Your pet will not feel the clipper cutting through the mats as he would a comb tugging at the fur.  Many dogs have to go thru this at least once in their life, especially when they are around one year old, and going thru their coat change from baby hair to adult hair.
Although they may look a little silly cut so short, they will thank you for not having to endure the comb out! 
Text Box: Well if he's matted, why can't they just cut a little off and still leave him some fluffiness? Why do they have to shave him so close?
Professional grade hair clippers use different sized attachments. The groomer may choose from different attachments that leave the fur different lengths. But matted fur and thick double coats ( such as you might find on German Shepherds and Collies ) pose a unique problem. Any attachment designed to leave lengths of say 1/2 inch to 2 inches of fur will simply not move through matted or double coated fur. The attachment will jam and refuse to move. The only way to get it to move through is to get the fur into pristine condition by detangling and separating the hairs so that it will feed into the clipper attachment. But as we covered earlier, detangling coats in that condition is simply not humane or affordable. 
Text Box: Can I watch my pet being groomed?
For insurance and liability reasons, we can not allow patrons into to the work area, but be assured that he is being well cared for in a safe environment. While there are many shops that allow a view to the grooming area, we do feel that this is extremely unnerving to both your pet and his groomer. You may be a well behaved and quiet individual but there are many patrons and their children who are not and this leads to excessive excitability in the pet being groomed. As for the groomer, she has been entrusted with keeping your pet safe, comfortable, and expertly groomed and she can't do that well when there are customers whistling, talking and flitting to and fro next to her. As long as we are in charge of your pet's well being and care, we will strive to make it as stress free as possible. 
Text Box: The groomer said my dog bites, why would that be, he is good at home?
We want your pet's grooming to be a day of pampering and beautification at the shop, However, it can be a bit intense for some pets as we proceed faster than you can at home and it is obviously noisier. Thus some pets react out of fear or confusion and try to bite. In his home, he is able to snuggle, eat and play with you so there are very few reasons why he would try to bite you or your family. 

We respectfully reserve the right to muzzle any pet that tries to bite during its grooming. Our muzzles only restrict the ability to open wide and bite, but the pet is still able to pant and drink through the large opening at the end of the muzzle. The muzzle is removed after the offending procedure has been completed, and is not left on for the entire stay.  We always give your pet the benefit of the doubt and muzzle them only when it is necessary.
Text Box: What is anal gland expression?
The anal glands are two sacs located at 5 and 7 o'clock in the anal area of dogs. Both male and female dogs possess these glands which scent their feces for marking purposes. Groomers will feel for the gland EXTERNALLY and gently squeeze to release its contents.  We do not routinely do the anal glands, if you want to have it done, you must request it with each grooming.
Text Box: But I just had my dog to the groomer and his vet said his anal sacs were still full.
Groomers, as mentioned above, manipulate the gland externally. This means that we must feel for it through thick fur, skin and fat, which can be difficult. In addition, we must pull the tail up slightly in order to push the gland forward. As you can imagine, this is intrusive to most pets and something they may not cooperate for. Repeated prodding for the sacs may also cause bruising and irritation, so we give it one good try and not more. For a thorough expression, it is best left to your veterinarian. 
Text Box: When I pick my pet up from the groomer, his nails don't seem like they were cut short enough. Why?
There is a vein inside the nail, sometimes known as a "quick" that will bleed if cut. As we cut, we look at the cross-section of the nail to determine if we're getting too close to the vein. We will not cut into the quick, even if it means that his nails will still appear long.  As dogs age, or become less active, sometimes that vein will get longer.  This means that when we cut the nail, we cannot cut it as short as when they were puppies.  

To help solve this problem, stop by every other week and get the nails trimmed, this will help to get the vein to recede. We charge $10 for a nail trim and you don’t need an appointment, just call first to be sure a groomer is here!  Filing of the nails also helps the vein to recede.  If you wish to have your pets nails filed, it is an additional $4.00.  
Text Box: Did my dog get an ear infection at the groomers?

When the ears are cleaned, we use special products that remove the wax.  We also pull out the hair for the breeds that it is required.  All of this can irritate the surface of the skin on the ear.  Because the dog will scratch the ear, ear infections can develop.  Be sure that your pet does not scratch his ear.  Even chronic ear conditions such as in Cocker Spaniels etc. can be cleared up by the vet if you follow their instructions.
Text Box: The groomer tells me that my dog has an ear infection, what do I do?

Some redness after grooming is to be expected, especially if the pet has gone a long time between grooming.  When the skin in the ear is rough (orange peal looking), and there is heave wax and a musky odor your pet must see a Veterinarian.  We only clean the ears, we do not treat them.  When we clean them, they will appear better for a while, but the problem still exists.
Text Box: Should I have my pets teeth brushed?  Should they be scaled?

Teeth Brushing will improve your dog's breath as well as improve oral health.  Regular brushing by your professional groomer will help prevent oral problems as your pet ages.

Scaling will remove the excessive tartar build up from your pet's teeth.  We scale only the surface and not under the gums.  Under the gum scaling is a procedure best done by your Veterinarian.  Regular brushing and scaling will help prevent gum problems, bad breath and possible tooth loss which is a result of age and bad oral health.  The fee for teeth brushing is $5.00 along with your regular grooming.
Text Box: My dog sheds all the time.  What can I do?

When your dog comes in for bathing, they are brushed and combed so that all of the loose undercoat is removed.  This will reduce shedding at home.  Since some dogs shed year round, this is only a temporary fix to the problem.

Improve the appearance of your pet and your environment with the FURminator shed-less treatment ... a special anti-shedding treatment that dramatically reduces the mess and clean up of unwanted pet hair.

Studies have shown the FURminator treatment can reduce shedding of pets for about four to six weeks (shedding periods may vary depending on the breed and general health of your pet). 

Designed for both long and short haired pets, the FURminator treatment will make your pet look and feel better. Within one to two treatments, the FURminator has been proven to reduce shedding up to 60 to 80 percent. 

FURminating is time consuming for the groomer, so please allow additional time and understand the extra charge of $25 and up.
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